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Jamaican Sorrel Drink Benefits

The benefits and nutrition of eating taro chips and drinking hibiscus sorrel wine?

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What is Sorrel Drink and Taro?

Now comes the big question, what is Jamaican sorrel and its association with the red color drink? Isn't this informational article supposed to be about sheep sorrel Rumex acetosella, which is known to cure cancer and scurvy?


You may think of Wood Sorrel sour grass added to soup, salad, and make tea. A horse, maybe? But no, it's none of those mentioned above. Instead, we share info about an edible hibiscus flower's health benefits and recipe in this article. 

We receive these questions from many of our snacationers discovering hibiscus sorrel for the first time. After all, it's best to know the foods or drinks you decide to be a significant part of your diet.


While we offered sorrel mocktail drink at our popup shop venues in Hampton Roads, Virginia, many tried it with caution and enjoyed every bit of it. 

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As you can see, when speaking of sorrel, one immediately thinks of the reddish coat color in a horse lacking any black. Or the small edible green plant from the Polygonaceae family that includes buckwheat and rhubarb. But no, none of these is associated with the roselle hibiscus flower discussed here. 

Certain plants and foods share a similar name but are unrelated. For example, the wood sorrel I mentioned earlier is an edible weed found throughout North America. 

Now that we have cleared the ambiguities, let's further discuss sorrel drink health benefits and Taro root chips. 

Exciting Sorrel Drink Benefits with Taro Chips

Jamaican Sorrel drink benefits and taro chips are among the most popular products in the Islsnac line. It is easy to see, with client's feedback, why the health benefits of sorrel and ginger are so helpful to many. Hibiscus sorrel fusion and appearance is a bright red, tropical thirst quencher loaded with delicious spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Additionally, our taro chips have a pleasing mix of salty and sweet flavors, with just the perfect level of crispiness to snap in your mouth. 


The health benefits and nutrition of roselle(sorrel) and taro(eddo) goes far beyond their taste and uniqueness. Both Jamaican sorrel (a species of hibiscus) and taro root can have a major positive impact on your physical health and nutrition. Here are just a few ways that these Islsnac offerings can improve your health: Continue reading and find out the mystery of what red sorrel hibiscus is good for.

They both boost your Immune System, creating a Healthier Lifestyle


Sorrel and taro are both loaded up with Vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C is, of course, a great asset to your immune system, since it stimulates the production of more white blood cells to defend your body from outside pathogens and microbes. It also acts as an antioxidant, preventing cell damage by cleaning up waste products known as “free radicals.”


Islsnac Taste Vacation hibiscus sorrel drink is made with a mix of tropical spices. Cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger root, and cloves are combined with red hibiscus roselle plant, creating an electrifying Jamaica drink. As it is known in Nigeria, Zobo is one of the most popular sweet dessert wines in Jamaican and other West Indian islands.


Two other worth mentioning well-known, celebrated beverages are Red Label Wine and Stone Ginger Wine is also consumed during many festivities. Now that you have discovered a little of what sorrel is good for, there is an option to savor the perfect mix of ingredients.


For those who are on a fast track towards a healthier lifestyle and improved holistic wellbeing, please take notes. Feast your eyes and continue reading for more information on sorrel and taro chips. 

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Celebrate well with islsnac's  healthy mouthwatering Jamaica drink

Try Islsnac Non-alcoholic hibiscus sorrel Zobo Wine flavor (Less Sweet and tangier wine alternative). No more excuses for feeling left out at the party or special events. Pour yourself a cold glass of roselle, savor the taste of paradise, and sip the sorrel health benefits.


It is the perfect drink that will encourage you to be more social, build your confidence and engage with others drinking the fermented kind. Want to learn more about Caribbean sweet dessert wine gift ideas? click here.

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